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Five Trends in Digital Service in 2018

For the new year, we have summarized five major trends in digital customer service, support and sales, which we believe will characterize the field in the coming year:
1. Instant messaging platforms will flourish Incorporating chat into websites and apps is one of the most prominent trends in the field recently, and this trend is expected to deepen this year with an increased use of instant messaging (IM) software such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for service and sales. Chat is starting to become a standard feature on the website and customers are already expecting to see it, popping up whenever they get stuck and proactively providing them service and support. This is a great channel for users in the era of instant messaging applications, because of the quick response they receive and their ability to do other things simultaneously. According to Econsultancy, a research company, chat is the service channel with the highest level of customer satisfaction, with 73%, almost twice …